Coffee and Social Awareness: The Winning Blend of Bettr Barista

by - 1/07/2020

AFP Daniel Hakim / E-Learn Magazine

Reportagem sobre a Bettr Barista Coffee Academy, publicada na E-Learn Magazine. Esta matéria está disponível apenas em inglês e espanhol.

SINGAPORE - Having a successful business means more than just offering a great product, satisfying customers and making a good profit – at least this is true for Bettr Barista Coffee Academy, in Singapore. For the 6-year-old company, success also means promoting social equality and skills development of at-risk youth and marginalized women in the country, so they can successfully enter the job market and build a better life for themselves. Learn about this Blackboard customer’s award-winning initiative and how they are getting ready to use Blackboard’s digital learning environment.

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